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English language learning?

Most of all, we invite you to the best schools in the UK, Malta and soon in other European and world countries!

Weekend holiday destinations, such a breathtaking one, will take your breath away?

Here they are: Venice, London, Monaco, Warsaw, Villach ...

We are an educational operator in the field of learning English in English-speaking countries, as well as a travel agency for pleasure that comes from communing with beauty in comfortable conditions. We are called the Italian "The most beautiful journey", because every trip - educational or leisure - that we offer, has many reasons to become the most beautiful for you.


English Courses

in English Speaking Countries

How is your English? Okay, medium or perfect, but maybe better? Do you speak English every day, would you like to be in international company more often? Or maybe you need a specialist English, if you work in marketing, you want to read Shakespeare in the original, are you a surgeon looking to work in the UK or in the US?

Why not get a bit more in English? Especially if it would take place in one of the best, most interesting and not the most expensive schools in Great Britain. With fantastic support from the team of tutors of the learning process and in the international company of students from every corner of the world.

Help for students

in achieving the best results

We have over 20 years of experience in teaching English. We work with effective and reputable schools that provide valuable English courses. We observe trends, draw conclusions, and participate in building such English language teaching programs that closely correspond to each individual's expectations. Today, many young people want to study abroad, so the proper knowledge of the language is so important.

We offer advice in choosing the right school and courses, substantively and methodologically diverse.

We treat each student individually and conduct talks aimed at choosing the most satisfactory course. We have open, young minds, so we invite you to take advantage of our offer also of the most demanding students.

Renting apartments

in Venice, London, Monaco and Villach

Maybe it was time to visit new places, so different, amazing ... wow! - how beautiful Venice is, how fascinating are the peaks of the Alps seen - let us admit - from the perspective of a comfortable chair and the glass veranda of our Austrian villa, which does not mean that you can not ski, because, as much as possible, you can jump in and ski along down the slopes towards the warm, cozy chair on the glass-covered veranda of the Bella villa, in which the interior is already steamed for you by a Russian sauna ...

How about a loft in London? Very spacious, modernly arranged, well-equipped and the gym is next door? Come, London is never too much.

Taste Monaco is the only such place in the world and our apartment has ideal, strategic location and is warm, cozy, equipped with works of art.


We are not a boring and tedious corporation, so we simplify the procedures. We are not out of nowhere, because we have been renting our real estates for many years to friends and friends of friends. Today, we make our debut on the Internet at the request of many people from our "Bellissima Travel" community. They suggest that we make beautiful interiors and wonderful surroundings also for other, potential and future friends, all those for whom every beautiful moment is important, which, let us, let it last as long as possible in the beautiful circumstances of nature, culture and architecture.

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General Manager

Keith King

Marketing Director

Shaya Hill

Client Manager


Familiarize yourself with the answers to frequently asked questions by our clients, perhaps they will make it easier for you to make a decision regarding our services.

How to choose an English school?

There are many English language schools that vary not only the location, but also the level of teaching. It is rather unlikely that a person who would like to go to an English language course would be able to see what school would be the most appropriate.
Bellissima Travel offers professional advice on this matter.

Is it possible to go to a language course without knowing English completely?

Yes you can. First of all, for people who speak English for the first time, the lessons are prepared in such a way as to learn the basic language rules and the most popular phrases as simply and quickly as possible. Secondly, in language schools, the working staff are usually people from different countries and speaking many languages, so we can choose a school where someone speaks your native language. In addition, remember that today English is a lingua franca and we all know a certain amount of English words.

Can children also go to English language courses?

As much as possible, we invite children from the age of 7 to specially prepared language courses, which are built to provide children with all the days of unforgettable experiences. Usually in the morning there are English lessons, while afternoons are filled with many attractions: trips, shared games, sightseeing of interesting places, sports or cultural activities.

Are textbooks provided during language courses abroad?

Yes, students use textbooks chosen by the given school. In addition, teachers prepare current materials regarding current events in the world or popular themes. During the lesson, multimedia is often used.

What accommodations do English language schools offer?

Different types of accommodation are available: in the dormitory at the school, in dorms near the school, in hostels, hotels and host families. The choice of accommodation depends on the financial resources allocated for this purpose, as well as on preferences. Some students prefer to live in a studio designed for one person, others with an English-speaking family, to speak more intensely with the language and get to know the local culture.

If there is no answer to your question, please send us a question via the contact form